Lecture Date Topic Slides
1 Thursday, 9/9 Course intro lecture_2021-09-09.pdf
2 Monday, 9/13 C review code: pointer.c
code: stack.c
code: heap.c
additional reading on C: cs334-s20-barowy.pdf
    (see "A Brief Overview of C", "Manual Memory Management", and "Passing Pointers by Value")
grading spreadsheet
3 Thursday, 9/16 More C review code: uninitialized.c
code: uninitialized2.c
code: sum.c
4 Monday, 9/20 End of C review pointer quiz:
  code: pointer_manipulation.c
  code: Makefile
  code: a.c
  code: a.h
  code: b.c
  code: b.h
  code: c.c
5 Thursday, 9/23 CIAA/Passwords lecture_2021-09-23.pdf
6 Monday, 9/27 Password cracking, part 1 lecture_2021-09-27.pdf
7 Thursday, 9/30 Password cracking, part 2 lecture_2021-09-30.pdf
  code: Makefile that shows how to use Address Sanitizer. Use it with sum.c.
8 Monday, 10/4 C bugs lecture_2021-10-04.pdf
  code: buggy.c from the quiz.
  code: fix1.c, which uses malloc/free.
  code: fix2.c, which uses value semantics.
9 Thursday, 10/7 Password cracking, part 3 lecture_2021-10-07.pdf
n/a Monday, 10/11 (reading period---no class)
10 Thursday, 10/14 Anatomy of a bug, part 1 lecture_2021-10-14.pdf
11 Monday, 10/18 Midterm exam review lecture_2021-10-18.pdf
n/a Thursday, 10/21 Midterm exam
12 Monday, 10/25 How C functions work lecture_2021-10-25.pdf
13 Thursday, 10/28 How C passes arguments lecture_2021-10-28.pdf
14 Monday, 11/1 Stack smashing lecture_2021-11-01.pdf
15 Thursday, 11/4 Shellcode lecture_2021-11-04.pdf
16 Monday, 11/8 Removing NULL bytes lecture_2021-11-08.pdf
17 Thursday, 11/11 Undefined behavior / social engineering lecture_2021-11-11.pdf
18 Monday, 11/15 Social engineering / physical security basics lecture_2021-11-15.pdf
Video demonstrating exploit of hinge vulnerability.
19 Thursday, 11/18 Physical security basics / locks lecture_2021-11-18.pdf
Brute force: Master lock vs hammer.
Brute force: Master lock vs wrenches.
Extreme brute force: U-lock vs thermite.
20 Monday, 11/22 Cyber-physical audits lecture_2021-11-22.pdf
Exploit: door latch.
Happy Thanksgiving!
21 Monday, 11/29 Information flow lecture_2021-11-29.pdf
22 Thursday, 12/2 Privilege separation lecture_2021-12-02.pdf
23 Monday, 12/6 IP networking basics lecture_2021-12-06.pdf
  • CSCI 331: Introduction to Computer Security, Fall 2021

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