CSCI 136 :: Spring 2021

Data Structures & Advanced Programming

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The dates listed are the the dates of our lab meetings. The links will go live a few days before the date shown.

Accessing Graded Labs

When your labs have been reviewed by TAs and instructors, a new *branch* of your repository will be created. Instructions on how to access your graded labs can be found here.

Structure5 Package

Here are some directions for accessing setting up structure5.

Late Assignment Policy

Each student may use a maximum of three free late days during the course of the semester. A late day permits you to hand in an assignment up to 24 hours late, without penalty. You may use at most 2 late days on a given assignment. Once those late days are exhausted, late labs will be penalized 20% per day. Programs will not be accepted more than four days late. If you are going to submit an assignment after the due date (whether using a free late day or not), you’ll need to fill out the online late submission form.

Lab Schedule

Date Title

17 Feb Lab 0: Hello, CS 136!

25 Feb (pre) Lab 1 Intro Video
Lab 1: Coin Strip

4 Mar (pre) Lab 2 Intro Video
Lab 2: Random Writing
Instructions for installing the structure5 package.

11 Mar (pre) Lab 3 Intro Video
Lab 3: Improving a List Implementation

18 Mar (pre) Lab 4 Intro Video
Lab 4: Recursion

25 Mar Midterm Exam

1 Apr (pre) Lab 5 Intro Video
Lab 5: P.S. It's Just a Stack

8 Apr (pre) Lab 6 Intro Video
Lab 6: Sorting Vectors

15 Apr (pre) Lab 7 Intro Video
Lab 7: Two Towers

22 Apr Health Day

29 Apr (pre) Lab 8 Intro Video
(pre) Lexicon video slides
Lab 8: Lexicon

6 May (pre) Lab 9 Intro Video
Lab 9: diff

13 May (pre) Lab 10 Intro Video
Greedy Graph Coloring Slides
Lab 10: Scheduling Exams