CSCI 136 - Fall 2019

Data Structures & Advanced Programming

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Here are some directions for accessing your graded labs

Date Title

11 Sept Lab 1: Coin Strip
Dice Design Doc
Welcome to the CS 136 Labs!

18 Sept Lab 2: Random Writing
Sample histogram code: WordFreq
An interesting texture synthesis algorithm based on a similar approach

25 Sept Lab 3: Recursion

2 Oct Lab 4: Sorting Vectors

9 Oct Lab 5: Improving a List Implementation

16 Oct Midterm Exam

23 Oct Lab 6: P.S. It's Just a Stack
Javadoc pages for the Token, Reader, and SymbolTable classes

30 Oct Lab 7: Two Towers

6 Nov Lab 8: Waiting in Line

13 Nov Lab 9: Lexicon

20 Nov Lab 10: Scheduling Exams

4 Dec No scheduled lab