Instructor: Daniel Barowy
E-Mail: dbarowy@cs.williams.edu
Office: Thompson Chemistry Lab, room 307
Lectures: Tues & Fri, 1:10am—2:25pm
in Schow Library Classroom 030B

Prof. Help Hours: Thur 3pm—5pm (shared with CS136)
Fri 5—6pm (CS334 only)
and by appointment

TA Help Hours: see TA Schedule

Teaching Assistants: Markus Feng
Colin Pinney
Kiersten Campbell
Lily Shao
Margaret Allen

Required Textbook: CS334 Course packet
Optional supplemental readings (available in Schow reserve):
    Concepts in Programming Languages by John C. Mitchell, ISBN: 978-0521780988
    Practical C Programming by Steve Oualline, ISBN: 978-1565923065
    The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, ISBN: 978-0131103627

Syllabus Syllabus (revised)
Grades GLOW
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  • CSCI 334: Principles of Programming Languages, Spring 2020

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