Prompt for "Undefined Behavior: What Happened to My Code?"

Due on Wednesday, November 10 by 11:59pm

Write a technical paper review, and in your discussion, please address the following questions.

  1. Undefined behavior is sometimes interpreted by programmers to mean that if a program performs any operation left undefined by a language specification, it is legal for the compiler to generate corresponding code that does anything. Do you think that argument is correct? Why or why not?
  2. This paper enumerates a number of problems, and although a few potential fixes are mentioned at the end, it is a little light on details. What do you think is the most promising fix? Why?

Turn-in instructions: commit your response to your reading responses Github repository. Please use the LaTeX template supplied in your repository. Be sure to turn in both your source .tex file and a compiled .pdf file.

You can generate a PDF from the template with the command:
$ pdflatex reading07.tex
Please be sure to name your generated PDF reading07.pdf. You will need to install TeXLive on your personal computer to build LaTeX documents: macOS, Windows, Linux. CS Lab machines already have TeXLive installed.
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