Prompt for "Making a Faster Cryptanalytic Time-Memory Trade-Off"

Due on Wednesday, September 29 by 11:59pm

Write a technical paper review, and in your discussion, please address the following questions.

  1. Do password salts fundamentally change the attack described in this paper? Why or why not?
  2. What security principle(s) is (are) violated by offline password attacks like the one described here?

Turn-in instructions: commit your response to your reading responses Github repository. Please use the LaTeX template supplied in your repository. Be sure to turn in both your source .tex file and a compiled .pdf file.

You can generate a PDF from the template with the command:
$ pdflatex reading03.tex
You will need to install TeXLive on your personal computer to build LaTeX documents: macOS, Windows, Linux. CS Lab machines already have TeXLive installed.
  • CSCI 331: Introduction to Computer Security, Fall 2021

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