Instructors: Samuel McCauley & Daniel Barowy

Lectures: Mon, Wed, Fri 9am—9:50am (section 1; Prof. Dan)
Mon, Wed, Fri 10am—10:50am (section 2; Prof. Sam)
Mon, Wed, Fri 11am—11:50am (section 3; Prof. Sam)
in Schow 30b

Help Hours (Prof. Dan): Mon 3pm—4:30pm
in TCL 307
Help Hours (Prof. Sam): Mon 1pm—3pm
Tue 2pm—4pm
Wed 1pm—2pm
in TCL 306

TA Help Hours: see TA Schedule
in TCL 217/217a

Teaching Assistants: Chris Brown
Chris Chung
Evelyn Chou
Harry Albert
Jennifer Lee
Jon Carl
Katrina Conklin
Maddy Andersen
Max Enis
Nolan Holley
Samuel Chistolini
Saul Richardson

Required Textbook: Java Structures: Data Structures in Java for the Principled Programmer
by Duane A. Bailey, \(\sqrt{7}\) Ed.
PDF is here.

Syllabus syllabus.pdf
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  • CSCI 136, Spring 2022

Website for CSCI 136, Spring 2022 (instructors: Sam McCauley and Dan Barowy)

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