CSCI 357 - Spring 2022

Algorithmic Game Theory

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Instructor: Shikha Singh
Course Slack: CS357-S22
Office Hours: Check the calendar below.
Lectures: MR 2.35-3.50 pm Schow 30A.
 Assignments are typically due Thurs @ 11 pm EST

Course Description

This course focuses on topics in game theory and mechanism design from a computational perspective. We will explore questions such as: how to design algorithms that incentivize truthful behavior, that is, where the participants have no incentive to cheat? Should we let drivers selfishly minimize their commute time or let a central algorithm direct traffic? Does Arrow’s impossibility result mean that all voting protocols are doomed? The overarching goal of these questions is to understand and analyze selfish behavior and whether it can or should influence system design. Students will learn how to model and reason about incentives in computational systems both theoretically and empirically.

Objectives By the end of the course, the students should be able to:

Syllabus & Textbook

Course Syllabus

Readings will be assigned from several textbooks, and chapters will be provided via GLOW; see Lectures page for more.

Course Calendar (Office hours)