CSCI 357 - Fall 2020

Algorithmic Game Theory

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Useful Courses. Similar courses with rich course materials that we may frequently refer to are linked below:

LaTeX Resources. LaTeX is the most widely used tool to professionally typeset mathematical content, proofs, conference and journal papers, etc. It is installed on all CS lab machines (both OS X and Unix) and is freely available for all major operating systems, as well as in browser-based platforms such as Overleaf. Here are some useful resources to learn LaTeX: Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes, Doing your HW in LaTex, LaTeX Cheat Sheet, A Beginner's Guide to LaTeX, The Not so Short Introduction to LaTeX2e. LaTex Stack Exchange is the best place to find solutions to the most common LaTeX issues.

LaTeX can be used on the command line via the pdflatex command or, on the Macs, via the TeXShop application, which provides an integrated editor/compiler/pdf-viewer. Converting a .tex file to a .pdf file in either of the above environments is refered to as "compiling" the .tex file. You will be provided source code for the solution template which you are required to use. The source code will be provided as a link to an Overleaf document and so you may find it preferable to use Overleaf to compose and compile your code than the command line. Note that any figure files or style file that your code depends on must be in the same directory/folder or uploaded to your project on Overleaf.